Dining is fun!
The new motivating PLAYMEAL bowl
turns each meal into a fun adventure!
We want to help young moms and dads
fill their parenting with love and joy.
That's why we created PLAYMEAL kit

It’s an exciting adventure for your child
Look! What’s inside? :)
There’s a surprise on the bottom of the bowl
Eat the food to get the prize! You can see it through the transparent window at the bottom of the bowl.
You can change the surprise toy!
Twist off the base of the PLAYMEAL bowl and surprise your child with new treats every day
British design
For the first time ever, a thoroughly thought out kid's bowl
Safety and quality
We use only high-quality food grade plastic, which may be used for hot food for the infants. Each batch goes through independent control and compulsive certification in the Russian Federation and USA. The bowl endures up to 1000 washes in the dish-washer

The twist-off base is designed in a way to be easy to open for a mom, but tricky for a child. The bottom is covered with rubber coating
Carefully selected surprise gifts
We put three funny wooden toys in the starter kit for you to be able to start using PLAYMEAL straight after the purchase. More than 1000 various toys and stickers fit PLAYMEAL, and we regularly release new seasonal collections of beautiful and educational surprise toys
Don't force your kids, play with them!
PLAYMEAL will help you develop friendly and trust-based relations with your child, get the child used to eating healthy food, and teach her or him how to use the spoon With PLAYMEAL your child will develop curiosity and learn how wonderful it is to discover something new every day.
Designed with love and care
We designed PLAYMEAL for our kids and then launched it into mass production, so that each family could have one. We patented the invention, found talented British designers to make it ergonomic and stylish, selected the best factory, to make PLAYMEAL safe and affordable; together with hundreds of moms on Facebook we have chosen the surprise collections, for PLAYMEAL to meet your expectations. Today you can buy one in the United States or Russian Federation.

Thanks for being with us throughout the journey!

Sasha Zhdanova

Mother, PLAYMEAL creator
10 000+
families are already eating with PLAYMEAL
Bowl and 3 toys
19.99 £
Toddler bowl made of durable food grade plastic with anti-slip bottom coating, 3 wooden-and-plastic toys from "Little forest inhabitants" series (bee, frog and snail).

Designed: United Kingdom

PLAYMEAL bowl may be used for hot and liquid products and washed in a dish-washer. BPA-free.

PLAYMEAL Collection Surprise Toys
Choose one of the two available collections: "Zoo" and "Cars"
4.99 £
7 educational toys that perfectly fit the PLAYMEAL bowl.

Design: Japan.

These toys are both – rubber eraser and building blocks. They may be disassembled and assembled in order to train fine motor skills, that are directly linked to the development of the child's brain.

How can I purchase PLAYMEAL?
Just leave your phone number
We will give you a call on the same day
On cooperation issues write us on:
alexander@playmeal.ru / sasha@playmeal.ru
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